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January 18, 2023

When they first start thinking of buying a home, many people start out toying with the idea of a custom build. And that’s a good thing; because of all the options available to buyers, custom built homes let buyers build a house that completely matches their vision for their dream property.

With a semi-custom, spec or resale home, buyers are constrained to the design choices of the person who built their home. But a custom-home puts that power fully in buyer's hands. According to Bighorn Rentals when you custom build your home you secure for yourself the following advantages:

•You will be able to build your home exactly where you want it.
•You can maximize the use of floor space.
•You can choose high-quality materials and high-end appliances.
•You can make your home green from the outset.
•You cut down on maintenance costs because everything in the home is new.

Here are things to know about building a custom home before you embark on this adventure. Every custom home build has its problems, but proper preparation and communication can prevent or alleviate most of them. What are the things to know before thinking of building a custom home?

1. Follow the right sequence

Most novice builders do not understand that building a custom home is an integrated process where the design, build and land are virtually inseparable. As a result, they go ahead to buy the lot before they have a chance to talk with a design/build company. The result is often that the plot of land they bought does not fit with their ideas for the home they want to build. But this problem can easily be avoided if the homeowner follows the proper sequence for building a custom home.

2. Begin with the builder

The builder you choose for your custom home makes all the difference. The builder influences every aspect of the project, and not all builders have the expertise to build a custom home; restrict your search to only builders who have experience building custom homes. With Starr Homes, you get great experience and creative solutions for every custom home.

3. Budget before design

Determine how much you want to spend on the project before designing the home. Doing this gives the builder a baseline to work with, and they will know what to exclude from the design. Without this step, the architect could design a project beyond your budget. If this happens, you may struggle with the budget. As a design/build company, we can help to alleviate the disconnect between the design and the budget- we design, price, and build under the same roof.

4. Pay attention to your design

One of the biggest mistakes owners make with their custom home design is to focus on their wants versus their needs or design the home for their current lifestyle without taking the future into account. To design a home that will be functional today and in the future, ask. What are the things you love or hate in your current home? What changes do you anticipate in your future? Finally, design with resale in mind; will someone else like the home enough to want to buy it?

5. Design for future costs

Three of homeowner's major costs are; maintenance, energy, and home upgrades. And you can control all of them with a little planning. Designing a green home will lower the energy bill of the houseStarr Homes builds all of our houses to be, on average, about 40% more energy efficient than a code-built home. Using high-end materials and appliances can reduce the cost of maintenance and limit the need for future upgrades. Incorporating green components and high-end products in the home may cost more initially, but you can recoup those costs through savings on maintenance, energy, and utilities. Usually a Starr home will save you thousands every year! (See Energy Efficiency

6. The land is critical to your design

Every lot comes with its unique challenges; your location imposes limitations on the home's structure and aesthetics. Things to consider when choosing a plot include restrictions imposed by building codes and zoning laws, rules of the neighborhood's HOA (Homeowners' Association), and the absence of utilities. The natural characteristics of the land also impose their limitations; slope, drainage, and soil quality matter. Having an experienced builder assist you with choosing the land can make your project easier and cheaper. We will go out and walk potential lots with you to find the best fit!

7. Plan every detail of the project

Building construction is one of those projects where delays and surprises are bound to happen. That is because construction projects have so many moving parts, which can be very hard to predict. The best way to minimize issues is to keep in communication with the builder and interior designer, and try to plan every aspect of the project, even to the smallest details. Choosing the color and texture of tiles or cabinet hardware beforehand might seem like too much detail, but making these decisions from the beginning will minimize change orders and help the project stay within budget.

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Guest Article: Andrew Philips- Bighorn Rentals