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Welcome to Starr HomesCustom Home Builder in Kansas City

Starr Homes is a premier custom home builder in Kansas City and throughout the greater metro area. When looking for a new home, consider building one completely customized for you. Starr Homes can transform your concepts into reality. Our helpful staff will guide you through the design phase, help you better understand the financial requirements of your project, and make your home dreams come true. Starr Homes’ philosophy is based on a desire to design and build exceptional homes. To develop the level of respect we have in the industry, you also have to excel at customer satisfaction, which Starr Homes does. When people compare custom home builders in Kansas City, people choose Starr Homes. Building a custom home does not have to cost as much or be as difficult as you might think. Let us help you get started.

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Happy Homeowners

As we approach two years in our new home, I just want to say once again how much we love it here! It’s become very clear that Starr quality is absolutely second to none! Utility bills, for a much larger house than we had previously, are far less…due to your energy efficient design and attention to detail. Air flow is perfect and temperature is exactly the same anywhere in the house. The layout and room flow is what we’ve always dreamed of…everything is where it should be, making spaces incredibly user friendly…and partly due to you guys allowing me to have some hands-on design input. Thank you all so much for what will most likely be our final home.

Michael S.