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August 9, 2019

Building Green

Starr Homes is known for energy efficiency that cuts utility cost, improves air quality, and creates a more consistent interior environment. Starr Homes uses superior craftsmanship to boost the energy efficient power of the home. Each Starr home is crafted meticulously, ensuring that even the smallest details can support a greener home. Not only is it important to focus on quality construction for a more energy efficient home; what goes inside the home makes a difference as well.

Final Steps

When building a Starr Home, the project managers ensure that each step is taken with care and executed properly. The result? An energy efficient home that can withstand the test of time. One of the final steps in ensuring better energy efficiency in the home is the use of a RESNET home energy auditor. A home energy auditor evaluates the home and rates the home on its energy efficiency, also known as the HERS rating. (Click HERE to learn more about RESNET and the HERS rating) These auditors are licensed to rate homes and can offer an estimate on utility savings.  Most builders don't take advantage of the home energy auditor, but Starr Homes believes it is a great way to ensure a more energy efficiency home and show new home owners how much they can save.

Finishing Touches

When the steps are taken to create a tightly sealed and energy efficient design, the finished form of the house is ready for cosmetic additions like trim and paint! Over the past several installments of the Starr Home Energy Blog, each step to great construction and design is outlined. Click HERE to read the rest of the series! Enjoy seeing the process of this home coming to life!

Below is a series of photos documenting the progression of building an energy efficient home. This home will be featured on the Parade of Homes this Fall. For more information on this home, visit the KCHBA website (Entry #222). Or, better yet, come see this incredible home in person this fall on the Parade!

Send us a message HERE to learn more about this home or request to purchase this floor plan!  Call Bob for an energy efficient home today!  (913)481-2680

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