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July 23, 2019

Top 7 Vintage House Trends That Are Making a Comeback

Whether you live in an apartment downtown or a colonial house in the countryside, renovating your home is always a deserving breath of fresh air. If you are planning to redesign your living space any time soon, why not take a trip down the nostalgia lane? Surely there must be some old house trends you that may want to bring back.

Ryan from Onsite Property Management Services compiled a list of the best vintage ideas that you can bring back while incorporating the new energy efficiency and environmentally conscious construction techniques.

1.Stained glass doors


Let’s start at the entrance! Having a colorfully painted glass entry door is an elegant and lively way of welcoming your guests. These beautifully designed doors used to be in fashion until a few decades ago, before metal and heavy wood doors came into style. You should consider stained glass doors, especially if you live in a neighborhood where such a classic house trend does not represent a security risk.


You can also opt for a vestibule. This small space between the entry door and the larger hallway that leads to the rest of the house is typical of older houses built before the middle of the 20th century.

A vestibule is a place where both family members and guests can leave their shoes, clothes, and umbrellas. If you live in a particularly rainy area, this housing trend is ideal for people coming in to leave their muddy boots to dry off without carrying any dirt on the living room carpets.

3.Wall niches

Having full, rectangular walls all around the house might seem bland for some. If you share their opinion, you can opt for wall niches and create a breathing space between two rooms. You can leave this space empty or decorate it. A good design could be creating a wall niche between the hallway and the vestibule. This way, you can have a preview peek at who comes in without having to walk all the way from the living room.

4.Open plan kitchen

The last few decades have seen designers employ an aggressive open space style floor plan. Many of the traditional areas of a home quickly fell into the category of door-less, 3-wall rooms that communicate freely with other quarters. Kitchens are the ones that changed the most as more people chose to blend their living or dining rooms with the cooking area.

Having an open kitchen-dining-living space has many advantages. With this type of arrangement, you can mingle with family and friends while cooking. This also helps you to keep tabs on your children while they’re doing homework or out in the yard. This open-plan design easily incorporates all three spaces –dining, living and entertaining zones for accessibility. To keep each area looking separate but seamless, incorporate clever planning and styling ideas.

5.Vintage look mixed with modern tech 

A great way of maintaining the vintage aspect of your home, while keeping it comfortable by modern standards is to work on its insides. Old houses did not have advanced techniques of heat insulation, and were prone to pests. 

With the help of professionals, you can enhance the energy efficiency of your home by spray foaming the walls and sealing the crawlspaces. You can also install a closed cell rigid foam over the roof deck and cover it with a galvalume metal roof system. Additionally, you can replace the old inefficient HVAC system with new high SEER mini splits, or highly efficient heat pump units. Consider replacing inefficient fireplaces, range hoods, and bath fans. These changes will increase the comfort of your home without compromising its vintage look.

6. Old flooring

Many houses that were built in the late 19th century and early 20th century had a sturdy heart pine flooring that would insulate the room nicely, keeping warm in the winter and providing a cool surface when walking barefoot in the hot summer days.

It is possible that these homeowners covered the precious pine flooring with carpet or vinyl, destroying its quality and purpose. You could bring back an old house trend by hiring professionals who can restore and bring back to life these great floors.

7.Classic-look Attics

Attics used to be the essential parts of houses and homeowners treated them with care by keeping them well-lit, tidy and spacious. Now, homeowners use them as storage spaces.  You can restore your attic to its initial purpose by highlighting the lumber and rafters used on the house and exposing vaulted ceilings. 

History often repeats itself, and so do styles and décor trends. Clothing and music are constantly reaching back into the past for inspiration, and the same can be said for design and decorating trends. Even though these trends are blasts from the past, they are still relevant and modern in today’s décor. So, go get your vintage ideas on and give your house a throw!

Source: https://www.onsiteproperty.com/