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April 15, 2020

Making the decision to build a custom home is exciting! Building a custom home means you can pull out all the stops to build your dream home just the way you imagined it. But, say you’ve decided to build a custom home. So, what do you do next?

In the latest addition to our video gallery, Gerry Starr details his view on the design process, and how Starr Homes can help you take the first steps toward your new home. Watch the video now on our YouTube channel

In the video, Gerry outlines two main approaches to designing your custom home. The first option is going to an architect first. The architect would help design your home, and then you’d take that design to builders who can estimate how much it would take to build. We build many homes this way, and we are happy to do so.

The other approach is to start with the builder and bring in an architect later. You can schedule a free consultation with Starr Homes to discuss your vision for your home, learn more about the building and financing process, and then go from there. After your consultation and a discussion on the direction on your home, we can work directly with architects in tandem with our own designs to customize a plan for you.

Again, we see both options work well for different families. However, starting with an architect is becoming a little less common. An architect will help you more with the bigger picture behind the design of your home and worry less about the nitty-gritty details behind every aspect of construction and pricing. However, the nitty-gritty details make a great impact on the big picture of your design.

Starting with Starr Homes means you’ll have our expertise to inform every design decision you make. We can stay up to date with the cost of every material that will go into building your home. The consultation with Starr Homes will leave you with a greater breadth of knowledge about your goals for your custom home, so when you do talk with an architect, you’ll get the most out of that relationship as well. Ultimately, you’ll have more accurate expectations for the cost of your custom home down the road.

No matter what builder or architect you decide to work with, you can learn a lot from a free consultation with Starr Homes. Not only will you leave with more confidence and information, but you’ll also leave even more excited about designing and building your custom home. Contact us to set an appointment!