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Blog Post

October 19, 2018

The consumption and collection of wine has become a popular pastime for Americans. According to the Wine Institute, a San Francisco-based trade association for the California wine industry, Americans bought $62.2 billion worth of wine last year. That number is up 2% from 2016. As homeowners are continuing to purchase wine, they are also thinking of ways to preserve and secure their collections with elaborate systems and cellars. Avid collectors and wine connoisseurs request museum-like wine cellars in their dining room, basement or living room. These cellars are carefully designed with proper insulation, vapor barriers and cooling units. State-of-the-art cellular management systems and smartphone apps have even been released to assist collectors manage inventory and track usage. Some clients opt for smaller displays such as free standing wine refrigerators or a simple glass wall to enclose the wine. Budget, quantity of bottles and desired place of storage are the three factors that determine the usage, design and size of a cellar. From extravagant cellars that can house over 1,000 bottles of wine to simple wine bars by the kitchen, Starr Homes has designed hundreds of beverage storage units that consider each homeowners pastimes or entertaining needs. Starr Homes is Kansas City’s premier custom home builder in the greater Kansas City metro area. If you are considering building a new home, Starr Homes can transform your concepts into reality. Call us at 913.481.2680 or visit www.starrhomes.net.