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July 19, 2019

Building Green

Starr Homes is known for energy efficiency that cuts utility cost, improves air quality, and creates a more consistent interior environment. Starr Homes uses superior craftsmanship to boost the energy efficient power of the home. Each Starr home is crafted meticulously, ensuring that even the smallest details can support a greener home. Not only is it important to focus on quality construction for a more energy efficient home; what goes inside the home makes a difference as well.

Quality Comes Standard

At Starr Homes, we pride ourselves on big energy savings. How can we help save you thousands?

Starr Homes ensures that each home is equipped with the best materials and appliances to create a lasting energy efficient home. Each Starr home has a 95% furnace that comes standard. These furnaces are sure to save you money on utilities and they are much more energy efficient than a traditional furnace used in most code-built homes. A 95% AFUE furnace means that 95% of the gas used by the furnace is converted to heat, while only 5% is lost to exhaust. Most other furnaces have a minimum of 78% efficiency, with 80% being about average and 90% considered very energy efficient. 


The numbers speak for themselves! In the state of Kansas, 16% can be saved each year when comparing a common furnace to the Starr Home Standard. The longer you have your Starr home, the more you will save!

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