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June 28, 2019

Building Green

Starr Homes is known for energy efficient designs and methods that have a number of benefits: cutting utility costs,  improving air quality, and creating a more comfortable and consistent environment throughout the home. There are many steps that make energy efficient designs possible.  When it comes to insulating the home, Starr Homes utilizes enhanced methods to offer a better insulation package.


Before adding insulation, the 2x6 construction of a Starr home is caulked and sealed to reduce air leakage and moisture. [Click here to learn more about the 2x6 construction from last week's blog.] When the home is ready to be insulated, a netting material is placed over and stapled to the 2x6's. The netting ensures the insulation will be contained and packed tightly into the wall cavities. After the exterior walls are sealed with netting, the insulation will be blown in.

Blown Insulation

In most code-built homes, insulation is rolled into the wall cavities from large sheets between the 2x4 construction. However, a Starr home uses blown insulation and thicker exterior walls. The better quality insulation fills more gaps and seals tighter than traditional rolled fiberglass, and the extra 2 inches of insulation boosts the R-value.


The R-value refers to the capacity of a material to resist the flow of heat. A higher R-value translates to better insulating opportunity. This means a home that has higher R-value on the perimeter walls will remain warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. 

Trust the numbers:

  • On average: Rolled fiberglass insulation has an R-value of  13
  • Blown insulation in 2x4 constructions has an average R-value of  19
  • 2x6 construction with blown insulation has an average R-value of  22

Watch this video to see the process unfold!

What do you want to learn about? Send us a message HERE to let us know what energy efficient topics you'd like to hear more about!

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